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Sapori Restaurant Menu, Dubai

Italian Cuisine, Perfectly Prepared

Sapori’s menu offers extensive choices of Italian dishes and rotisseries prepared by our skilled chefs

 Most of the ingredients are sourced locally to savour the taste and authenticity of each dish and offers a wide array of traditional Italian dishes making it a delightful dining experience

Dishes are served as soon as they are cooked to ensure maximum freshness & with emphasis on fresh ingredients & wholesome home-cooked food that is enjoyed by the entire family including young kids who enjoy making their own pizza’s & desserts.

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Main Menu

Gluten free ingredients are available for select dishes. Click here to view main menu

Sapori - Buy 1 Dessert & Get 1 FREE

Desserts Menu

A collection of all your favourite Italian desserts. Click here to view desserts menu

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Drinks Menu

Freshly-squeezed juices, smoothies and more. Click here to view drinks menu

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