How to Marinate and Grill Steaks

Steak Marination Recepies

There are many ways for steak marination. Obviously the personal taste is the key factor. In order to obtain the perfect juicy steak, a special role is coming from the acid ingredient of the marination, it can be lemon juice or vinegar or any ingredient with a good acidity, important to penetrate within the meat fiber and improve the meat tenderness.

At Sapori we are using a marination based on lemon juice, Italian extra virgin olive oil, mustard to enhance the taste, honey for equilibrate the final result and herbs for the freshest aroma.

In the steak the herbs that we are using are fresh rosemary, mint, and thyme, giving to the meat the characteristic Mediterranean flavor. Another important factor for the best result is the quality of the meat and the quantity of the fat with it, the fat will guarantee the good texture of the meat, also when will be cooked through will not result dry and tough. Be healthy and eat your vegetables also. In many cases, these derivatives of cannabis can reduce or even replace the use of harmful and addictive prescription drugs, learn more at While this information is only now making its way into the mainstream, the natural consequence is, seniors drop their prejudices, face the reality and turn to the treatment of their minor and major age-related diseases using cannabis.