How To Make The Perfect Chocolate Fondue?

Perfect Chocolate Fondue recipes

At Sapori, we call one of our best selling dessert chocolate fondue, differently than what the real fondue will be like melted hot chocolate where the customers dip fruits or others sweet ingredients, we prepare a thype of bitter chocolate flan, with the center will be hot chocolate with a thick consistency, running out when the customers eat that and you will find it easy and simple.

The proportions of the ingredients and the cooking time are wery important for the perfect result, here the recipe: for 8 servings

200 gr butter
3 egg yolks
3 eggs
200 gr finely chopped bitter chocolate 75%
200 gr sugar
50 gr flour
30 gr bitter cocoa
icing sugar

8 buttered ramekins

1 put the butter into a pan and warm it up until it melt
2 put the chocolate into the pan with the butter over a low flame
3 mix the chocolate until it becomes like sauce
4 turn off the flame and carry on mixing until the chocolate completely dissolves
5 let it rest until warm
6 whisk the eggs with the sugar
7 tip the chocolate onto the pan with the eggs and mix until it becomes creamy
8 add the sieved flour and cocoa powder mix very slowly for some second
9 spread the tins bottom and sides with a little bit of flour
10 fill each tin up tip – 2 cm down the brim
11 put it into the preheated oven (190°) and cook for about 8 min
12 turn the Cioccolatissimo onto single dishes and serve with vanilla cream or vanilla ice cream